Tattoo FAQ

What is a "First Year" tattoo artist?

This means I have only quite recently completed my traditional apprenticeship. Therefore, tattoos may take a little longer than a more experienced tattoo artist. Please allow yourself a 2-hour window around your scheduled appointment time, or please notify me if you have any pressing time constraints. While I am learning, I am under careful guidance of the other artists, I may stop to ask questions, and they may come by to administer training during your appointment. 


For currently available flash designs, please check out the highlight on my instagram here.


I have already undergone strict health and safety training, blood borne pathogen certification, as well as months of testing to prove knowledge and skill. 

What do you charge?

For the time being, tattoos are $160 an hour, and deposits are $100 + GST. 

Any touch-ups/restorations in the future are free as long as you have followed aftercare instructions closely. 

When you get your email response to your request with your appointment date, you will be given directions to pay the deposit online.

When will your customs books open?

I open my customs bookings approximately once every 3 months. I predomintly focus on flash. You can be sure to know when I'm booking my next round by signing up for my email list. I send out an email there first, with a link to request an appointment. If you would like to get in sooner, I always post available cancellations on instagram. Please do not DM me for bookings :)

I'm not sure what I want yet, will you create something for me?


Yes! I would love to when my customs bookings are open.


There is room in my tattoo request form for you to ask me about this- additionally you can book an in-person consultation with me here. However, the clearer your idea is, the sooner I can get designing, and therefore the sooner I can get you in. I ask that you spend some time thinking about what you might like before you submit a request.

I will send you a sketch a few days before you come in, that way there is time to make minor edits as needed. If you have no idea what you want, take a look through my instagram. If there's anything you like there, but it's not quite what you're looking for- I can work with that as well.

What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment?


Drink lots of water and make sure you have had something to eat! For longer appointments you may want to also bring a water bottle. I ask that all clients read through Hemlock Tattoo Studio's policies on acceptance and intolerance before their appointment. Make sure you're wearing an outfit that allows for me to access the area I will be tattooing (you can bring clothes to change into if you'd like). Watch your email for a sketch from me a few days before your appointment and approve of the design, or let me know about any edits you may need as soon as you can!

"Do whatever you want!"


As much as I am honoured by this kind of trust, ​It is easier to come up with something special for you if you send me a list of a few things you might like included. If you would like to see some examples of things I would absolutely love to collaborate with you on: Please see my Ideas highlight on my instagram.

Is there anything you won't tattoo?

  • I do not tattoo other artist's work, or anything found from pinterest without proof of permission by the original artist. However I am always open to working with historical artwork :)

  • I do not tattoo any religious imagery.

  • I do not tattoo characters or logos.

  • I do not tattoo script without a provided image of the exact font that you would like. 

  • No fingers or faces yet! I'm still learning.