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Geneva Haley is an artist and tattooer from southern Alberta, Canada. She credits her rural roots as a key influence in her contemporary work. Haley studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design, completing her Bachelor of Design in Illustration. 


Her work evokes a specific anxiety that attempts to bring landscape painting into current environmental and social context through pointed suggestions of human intervention. The environment acts as a personified subject in an ongoing visual narrative. Often representational in appearance, the work exhibits a distinct and almost comical lack of romanticism. 


Her 2019 show SCRAPS, is currently on tour across Alberta, Canada through the Alberta Foundation For the Arts.


She co-owns Hemlock Tattoo Studio. Where they are committed to seeking out education relevant to the tattoo industry, and implementing that education into protocols and personal training in order to protect both client and tattooer. The priority is to cultivate an atmosphere of transparency, where questions and curiosity about the tattooing process is encouraged. They are committed intentionally changing the tattoo industry.


 When she is not working she is singing with her band Stripmall.

Photo by Mark Webber.

Curriculum Vitae 



AFA TREX, (solo). Canada 


Night Rodeo, Five Art and Merchandise, (solo). Calgary, AB / Sled Island Poster Show, (Group).  Calgary, AB  / For Them, The Lily Gallery, (curator).   Calgary AB / Cruel Jokes, House of Vans, (group).  Calgary, AB


Let Us, Stride Gallery (group). Calgary, AB  /  Best for Last, cSPACE King Edward, (group). Calgary, AB  / Calgary Painted Windows Exhibition, Calgary Public Art (group). Calgary, AB 


30 Days of Dolly, (solo). Calgary, AB


Dead Cells, Short Film, Dir. Ryan Von Hagen, 6:17.   Calgary, AB / Sled Island Poster Show (group).  Calgary, AB / WRECK CITY: Demo Tapes (group). Calgary, AB / LOSING IT, The Royal Canadian Legion No. 1 (group).   Calgary, AB 


Put A Wedge In It, Affinity Gallery, Saskatchewan Craft Council (group). Saskatoon, SK 



Drifting Like a Metaphor, Frontenac House, Cover Artist (Illustration). Calgary, AB


Beatroute Magazine, Bjork editorial (Illustration). Calgary AB

Wares, Sweetie Pie Records, Cover Artist (Illustration). Edmonton, AB

Audible Songs From Rockwood, Idée Fixe Records, Songbook (Illustration). Toronto, ON


30 Days Of Dolly, Metro News, Artist Expose (Photograph). Calgary, AB

Cemetery Compost, Frontenac House, Cover Artist (Illustration). Calgary, AB

Blood Orange, Frontenac House, Cover Artist (Illustration). Calgary, AB

SCRAPS, Self Published (Comic Series). Calgary, AB

Nowhere Near, Self Published, (Comic). Calgary, AB


CULT, Cult Collective Calgary, contributor (Illustration). Calgary, AB


Go Home Magazine, contributor (Illustration). Toronto, ON




Alberta College of Art and Design, Bachelors of Visual 

Communications Design. Calgary, AB

Residencies & Grants


Casa Lu. Mexico City, Mexico



AFA Traveling Exhibit (TREX). Canada


EMMA International Collaboration. Ness Creek, SK

Facilitating & Teaching

2019 to Present

Alberta Foundation for the Arts Visiting Artist Program (Independent Educator) 

- Conducting workshops with participants.

- Delivering an artist talk's. 

- Demonstrating step-by-step instruction for participants to learn hands-on.

- Guiding participants in creating their own, unique work.


2018 to 2019

Saint Mary’s High School (Independent Educator) 

- Speaking with students in the advanced art programs in grades 11-12 about being a creative as a career.

- Providing students with collaborative critique and mentorship.

- Consulting on university portfolio applications, providing constructive feedback for students.


Prospect Human Services

- Assisting in demonstrating employability skills to marginalized groups through art-centered learning.

- Explore painting techniques with clients to gain valuable skills in time management, following direction, critical and creative thinking, teamwork and communication.

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