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Pastureland Bandana

Pastureland Bandana


These ochre summer bandanas have been a labour of love with you in mind. They are hand finished, hand dyed, and screen printed also by hand!


It has been important to me to be a part of each step of the process, resulting in a clearly handmade wearable object.


By nature each bandana is unique with different flourishes appearing in the printing and the dying- something that I cherish as a beautiful thing āœØ 


My hope is that you feel free to choose to wear these in a variety of ways, sew with them, or hang them up on the wall! However as I see with your creativity with placements- Iā€™m sure there are many more possibilities for our collaboration here šŸ•Æ 



Bandanas are 20" by 20", the image within is 16" by 16" on cotton. Dyed with tumeric as well as synthetic dye. šŸ’›


These are available for shipping and local pickup at Hemlock Tattoo Studio, however PLEASE NOTE that we will be close from the 9th to the 18th as we are located in the very centre of the Stampede Grounds.





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